Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray


- Clears built-up dust and grime from leaves.
- Cold-pressed natural oils act as a conditioner and enhances leaves natural shine.
- Grapefruit extract provides natural anti-fungal protection.
- 100% plant based, no palm oil, parabens or sodium benzoate.

Why should I clean the leaves on my plants?
Dust, dirt and grime can accumulate very quickly on houseplants, especially those with large foliage. This blocks sunlight from reaching the leaves properly and starts to reduce the plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Dirty leaves can reduce your plant’s ability to turn sunlight into energy!

We also all like our plants to look their gleaming best, that’s why our Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray also contains natural oils that help amplify the natural shine on your leaves. Furthermore the grapefruit extract acts to provide anti-fungal protection to keep your plants in tip-top condition.

How to use Plantsmith Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray
Shake the bottle before lightly spraying leaves and gently wiping with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt for improved growth and to reveal a long-lasting, healthy sheen. Apply every two to four weeks all year round. Suitable for all leafy plants, with the exception of young, tender or hairy leaves.

To take your plant care to the next level, combine this with Plantsmith's Fortifying Houseplant Tonic to help strengthen your plant from the inside out.

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