We set out with the goal of becoming the most trusted eco, sustainable & ethical online store, where our customers have a say in how we make a real difference for the future of our planet. We developed a unique idea to help you shop more easily; the Four States:  HumanityAir, Land, and Water. Shopping by each state allows you to focus on the issues that are important to you, whether that's Poverty, Climate Change, Habitat Loss or Plastic Waste.

We all know there's a long way to go, but to make a real impact, we don't need a fraction of the population making drastic changes to be 100% eco, sustainable & ethical... We need 100% of the population continually making positive changes to become more eco, sustainable or ethical, and that's where we come in...


FourState Causes are our way of giving back, and letting you have a say in where a portion of our profits are allocated. We believe businesses have a responsibility, now more than ever, to protect, preserve and restore our planet. With every purchase, you earn FourState Points (4 for every £1), which you can allocate to a Cause under any one of the Four States. We are always looking for new and exciting causes to support, so if you know of a great way of making an impact or feel passionate about a Cause, let us know here.  


 Each product has a “Purchase Impact” which tells you exactly how the production and sale of that item has affected our planet; transparency is fundamental to us. On each product’s individual page, you can find the ‘Purchase Impact’ tab to the right of the image where we’ll also highlight the state each product makes the biggest difference to. All the products you find on FourState have been carefully researched and selected for their positive impact - you just need to decide what change you're going to make first.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

- Albert Einstein -

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