FourState was set up by two guys, Rob & Patrick, who found themselves working in industries that either contributed or highlighted key issues with our Planet.

Both took different paths but found they were dissatisfied with their contribution and wanted to make a difference. Rob graduated from Uni and was employed by a large tech firm that produced a lot of plastic waste. Patrick went to Australia and qualified as a Diving Instructor on the Great Barrier Reef where he saw first hand the destruction caused by climate change and plastic waste.

After a trip to the Philippines in 2019, where they experienced the extent of the damage humans have caused, they realised that doing nothing was simply not an option. The idea was born; they set up FourState. A store that allowed people to purchase a wide variety of eco-friendly products that had undergone a thorough vetting process, ensuring every product puts our Planet First.


We are a business, that no matter what, always puts Our Planet First. From how we run our shops to our suppliers, and even to the way we ship and package orders. There are no compromises. 

Often, the best thing we can do for our planet is to buy nothing and live on our own accord. We recognise that this is often completely impractical in modern life; we don't all have the ability to grow our own crops or make our own clothes... But, if we put our planet first, we can minimise our collective impact. 

Planet First Living. At FourState, we truly believe that if we put our Planet First with every decision, purchase or change, Living in our world will be a better place.

Website Launch

April 2019

Website Launch

First Store in Marlow

September 2019

1st Store in Marlow

2nd Store in Henley

Second Store in Henley

October 2020

3rd Store in Windsor

Third Store in Windsor

April 2021


We understand that convenience, information and trust are paramount to making your dream eco-lifestyle an everyday reality.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you, researching and hand-picking the very best products to put in one convenient place! With over 500 products ranging from soap to lunchboxes, yoga supplies to cleaning products, our stores – both physical and online – have everything you need, no matter where you are on your eco journey.



3 Duke Street, Henley-on-Thames, 

Oxfordshire, RG9 1UR


17 The Avenue, The Lexicon, Bracknell,

Berkshire, RG12 1BD