Earth Candle Co

Apple + Cinnamon Soy Wax Eco Candle

🌲 One Tree Planted Per Candle 🌲 This stunning candle is scented to make your home feel snug and cosy by evoking feelings of warmth and comfort, ideal for grey days. Packed with scents of baked apple, with undertones of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and clove, and a delightful aftertaste of vanilla, amber, musk and caramelised sugar. We plant one tree in the amazon rainforest for each and every earth candle you buy. one candle = one tree features a tree is planted in the rainforest for each candle sold. Individually handcrafted in Cornwall I cannot describe how incredible they smell ethically and sustainably created all of our products are naturally vegan-vegetarian friendly. We do not test our products (or ingredients) on animals no dyes, additives or parabens.

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