Zero Waste Club

Waste Cotton Twine


Zero Waste Clubs Waste Cotton Twine is made from 100% recycled waste cotton and it is perfect for arts and crafts, hanging plant pots, homemade gift wrapping and anything else you can think of.

91 metres (300 ft) in length, 3 ply
100% Biodegradable
100% Vegan and Plastic Free

They plant a tree for every item you purchase

Material and Packaging

100% recycled waste cotton wound around a recycled cardboard tube.

Packaging made from 100% recycled non-bleached Kraft paper, and printed with soy ink

The product is 100% Vegan and does not have any animal derivatives and no unnatural substances were used. No plastic or chemicals used.

At the end of its life, simply put the twine in the compost or in the ground. It will decompose.

And make sure to recycle the packaging.


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