The Little Botanical

Succulent - Marble Trio House


A trio of succulents potted in marble pots in this stylish black metal house. What more can you possibly need?

3 succulents potted into stylish marble effect pots in a little house – this stunning display of greenery is the latest addition to The Little Botanical plant gang and it is immensely loved!


Easy to look after and bang on-trend. Pop me in the kitchen to give the room a stylish interior refresh.

Care: Easy to look after
Estimated Plant Height (CM): 12-14
Internal Pot Diameter (CM): 6
Pot Height (CM): 7.5
Plant Care

3 succulents are easy to look after. Just don’t overwater. Water once a month in winter and more frequently in Summer. Tip the pots upside down to allow any excess water to drip out to ensure the plant isn’t sitting in water for long periods of time as this can damage the roots.

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