Elephant Box

The Two In One Lunchbox


These two containers are a match made in heaven!

The Snack Pod fits snugly inside the Single Tier Lunchbox or you can use them independently. Want to be a zero waste champion? Use it to carry food out of the deli or takeaway!


100% food grade stainless steel

800ml & 250ml capacity

Plastic free

Dishwasher safe

Simple design, strong construction 

Latch closure for extra security


Single Tier Lunchbox - Length 17.5cm | Width 12.5cm | Depth 4.5cm | Weight 350g | Capacity 800ml

Snack Pod - Length 11.5cm | Width 6cm | Depth 3.8cm | Weight 125g | Capacity 250ml

Purchase Impact

State: Water

A brilliant way of cutting down on plastic containers at home and when you're out and about, the versatile and aesthetic Elephant Box will keep going and going. 

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