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Rose Geranium + Mandarin [naartjie]

This scent is reminiscent of the coastal town in the Western Cape of South Africa. It has a delightful blend of fresh, floral African rose geranium and sweet fruity mandarin essential oils (also known as naartjies or satsumas). Designed to carry you off into a relaxed trance, it’s perfect for those moments when you need to unwind and destress.

The Scentiment

Mandarin is remarkable at helping to relieve insomnia, nervousness, anxiety and ease mental fatigue, while geranium oil calms nervous conditions and hormone-related mood swings. The combination can also be used to calm young children.

Great for relaxation, easing anxiety and helping with sleep.



Patchouli + Lavender

Our bestselling light-hearted and rejuvenating fragrance feels like an early morning walk on the wave swept Bondi Beach. We fell in love with Sydney and the coastal towns of Australia when visiting family. Our daughter Sydney emulates the same adventurous free-spirited soul of the area. This tranquil and calming scent brings a light, fresh and subtle aroma.

The Scentiment

Exotic and floral patchouli essential oils complement the calming lavender. Patchouli is often used for meditation and helps to achieve relaxation and alleviate stress. Lavender promotes calmness and wellness, and can even help with pain management. 

Great for relaxation, calming and meditation.


Minimum weight 100ml

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