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Stainless Steel Lunch Box


A 600ml / 20 fl oz stainless steel lunch box that is the first 100% leakproof one on the market due to having a secure vacuum-sealed closure.

A valve on the top means extra security and risk-free, leak proof functionality. Lift the valve to open and push down to securely close.

The stainless steel lunch box lid is specially designed with over-moulded silicone to be leak proof and easy to clean.

The stainless steel fork is simply and securely held by the silicone strap. The strap gives added reassurance that the lid cannot open unintentionally.


100% leakproof
Oven and freezer safe
Includes fork
Plastic free
High quality stainless steel

How do I open the Stainless Steel Box?
To open the box/release the vacuum, pull the valve upwards. Then separate the lid from the box by pulling at a corner/short side. Please be careful when the box contains liquids.

Is the Stainless Steel Box leak proof?
Yes, the Stainless Steel Box is leak proof. To ensure the box is locked & sealed properly, check that the edges of the base and silicone seal on the lid are clean and dry. Firmly push the lid down on all sides and then press the valve down. Secure the box with the silicone strap. WARNING – Allow hot foods to cool first before transporting, as otherwise the box could leak.

Is the Stainless Steel Box microwave safe?
WARNING: Do not use in the microwave.

Is the Stainless Steel Box oven safe?
Yes, the base is oven safe; however the lid is not and please note that using the box in the oven could cause discolouration.

Is the Stainless Steel box freezer safe?
Yes, the box is freezer safe for food storage.

Is the Stainless Steel Box dishwasher safe?
The Steel box base, the fork and slider-divider are dishwasher safe. Please ensure you always wash the lid and strap by hand only.
IMPORTANT: Do not use bleach, cleaners containing chlorine, abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on any part of the box as they may dull the finish.


L 17.5cm W 13cm H 5cm / L 6.89" W 5.12" H 1.97"
Weight: 330g/0.73Lbs
600 ml / 20 fl oz

Purchase Impact

State: Land and Water

‘We set ourselves the goal of creating an entirely leak proof stainless steel lunch box, something which had not been done before. Stainless steel lunch boxes have existed for decades, however they have never been fully leak proof quite simply because it is difficult to do so. This was a big (yet exciting) challenge for us as we wanted to maintain a minimal and sleek design with functional features. It took many iterations but what we have created is a carefully considered product; an engineered steel box with specifically designed radiuses on the corners for a softer ergonomic appeal. It has taken inspiration from traditional Japanese Bento Box designs with the silicone strap for added security, and the stainless steel fork makes eating on-the-go a dream.’

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