Elephant Box

Square Food Containers


Elephant Box's square salad box and snack box are a must for any home. They are a useful little combo for taking snacks out with you or scooping up leftovers and storing them in the fridge. They nest inside one another with their lids for easy storage. Write on them with a dry-wipe marker so you can label your leftovers. The eco alternative to plastic tupperware. Safe & toxin free.


100% 204cu Food grade stainless steel

Won't stain or carry odours from previous lunches

Dishwasher safe

Freezer safe

Stylish and durable 

100% plastic free


The square salad tin | Width & length 13cm | Depth 5cm | Weight 234g | Capacity 600ml

The snack box tin | Width & length 10.4cm | Depth 4cm | Weight 143g | Capacity 300ml

Purchase Impact

State: Water

A brilliant way of cutting down on plastic containers at home and when you're out and about, the versatile and aesthetic Elephant Box will keep going and going. 

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