Refillable Northamptonshire Cleaning Soap | RAW


About Northamptonshire Cleaning Soap:

• Alkaline liquid soap for home cleaning
• Eco friendly
• 500ml glass bottle
• Biodegradable
• Dye free
• Vegan
• Refillable
• Screen-printed glass bottles
• Made in Northamptonshire


For all round natural household cleaning, soft water laundry & degreasing (brushes, make up brushes & more).
Add table salt to make your own oven cleaning paste.
Made from farrington’s sustainably produced cold pressed rapeseed oil. Grown down the road from our factory.
Supplied in a closed loop.

Contains amongst other ingredients:
5-15% rapeseed oil derived cleaning soap.
Nb: all stability testing of northamptonshire cleaning soap has been carried out using glass bottles in our lab.

We recommend that refills are dispensed into appropriately labelled glass bottles.

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