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Refillable Mineral Foundation - Pot For Life

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All Earth Mineral Cosmetics' ‘bismuth free’ loose powder foundation makes it versatile, comfortable to wear and suitable for the most sensitive of skin. The product gives buildable coverage, flash back free, light sun protection and very long lasting.
It can be applied dry, mixed with with cream, balm, water, serum or sun cream to create a consistency that adapts to your skin type.

Please see the foundation skin tone guide in the Features tab to select the right shade for you.


All Earth's Pots for Life are a unique, refillable and sustainable way of purchasing make up, whilst still being able to use luxurious and nourishing products.

  • The inner casing and sifter is made from 100% recycled fishing nets that have been salvaged from the ocean and fishing ports.
  • The sifter has a specially designed decanter to control how much you want to tap out at a time, this fits flush with the lid to keep the product from spilling during travel.
  • The outer casing is made from solid beech wood sourced from fully sustainable UK forests.
  • No pot is the same, each one has its own unique natural wood grain pattern making them a beautiful addition to your dressing table as well as being robust and durable enough to take on your travels.
  • Both the inner and outer casing are made in Cornwall, dramatically lowering the carbon footprint of the product.

All Earth's loose mineral foundations are quite unique in their blend of ingredients:

  • They contain kaolin, which gives them better coverage, makes them last longer and means a little goes a long way.
  • Free of bismuth oxy-chloride (a mineral that over 60% of people are allergic to), making the product gentle for the most sensitive of skin and even suitable for those prone to acne, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Designed to lay like a veil on skin, so does not clog your pores (non comedogenic), allowing your skin to breath.
  • Additional ingredients make the foundation naturally healing to the skin and, when worn regularly, will help to balance the skins ph levels.

Shade Matching:

Colour match guide: 

  • 01 – for very fair skin with pink undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)
  • 02 – fair skin with more yellow undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)
  • 03 – fair to medium skin tone with pink, peach or yellow undertones which can tan easily (typically for people with blue or turquoise vein colouring)
  • 04 – Olive/Mediterranean skin tones which can tan easily, or Asian/Eastern skin tones (typically for people with green vein colouring)
  • 05 – dark skin which can tan easily with ashy, peach or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)
  • 06 – dark skin which can tan very easily with red or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)
Purchase Impact

The beauty industry produces roughly 120 billion units of packaging annually, the majority of which is often plastic. With only 9% of plastic actually being recycled and the rest sent to landfill, the ocean or to be incinerated, there is a desperate need for change.

That’s where All Earth Mineral Cosmetics comes in. Not only are all of their products Vegan and Cruelty Free, but many are actually refillable, which massively cuts down on waste.

Their refillable Pot for Life is made of sustainably sourced beechwood, and plastic made of fishing nets salvaged from beaches and oceans around the UK!

In purchasing from All Earth Mineral Cosmetics, you can help to reduce the waste produced by the beauty industry, whilst maintaining the ability to use luxurious and nourishing products!

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