Refillable Hand Gel | Fig Leaf


All raw materials are sustainably sourced, cruelty free, vegan and biodegradable! (If you have any questions or suggestions, Fill's lab would be happy to talk to you!)

About their Hand Soap:

  • Fig Leaf scent
  • Rinse-free alcohol hand gel with natural moisturisers
  • Eco friendly 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Dye free 
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Refillable 
  • Screen-printed glass bottles 
  • Made in Northamptonshire, UK

  • Features

    How to use:

    Apply to dry hands as needed. Allow to evaporate.

    Flammable liquid and vapour. Keep cool. Store in well-ventilated place. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks & other ignition sources.

    Contains amongst other ingredients:

    • Active ingredients per 100g ethanol: 60g
    • Chlorhexidine gluconate: 0.1g

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