Refillable Citric Acid | RAW


About Citric Acid:

• Home clean all rounder
• Tackle limescale
• Make your own descaler & shower clean
• 500g screen printed glass jar
• Aluminium cap
• Eco friendly
• Biodegradable
• Dye free
• Vegan
• Delivered plastic free


How to use:
descale the kettle: half fill kettle. Boil. Add 2 tsp. Stand until cool

descale the toilet: add warm water to bowl. Add 2 tbsp. Leave for 1 hr + flush

for bathroom cleaning: add 1 tsp to 1l water. Spray on. Leave for 30 secs. Wipe off.

Don’t use on natural stone. Test on an inconspicuous area

100% citric acid
please note that citric acid can become clumpy when exposed to air. It’s fine to use – just break up with a spoon before use

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