Printed Cork Coasters


Organic cork printed placemats + coasters in Liga’s Signature Collection are made with eco friendly cork in the most sustainable way.

Cork is harvested once every nine years in Portugal without harming the tree. The cork Montado Forests provide essential homes for many endangered species which means whilst these coasters enhance your home, they allow endangered wildlife to keep theirs. Cork also continues to absorb CO2 even as a LIGA product - amazing.


Made in

Portugal and screen printed in Cornwall

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Good for indoor and outdoor dining.

Plastic Free Packaging

Liga’s organic cork placemats sets are wrapped in a simple eco paper band, following their belief in sustainable giving.

Liga use zero plastic in their packaging. They reuse packaging where possible. Liga collect cardboard locally and shred it to keep their products safe in transit - no need for bubble wrap anymore.


Size: D10cm H10mm

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