Swole Panda

Plain Bamboo Socks


When it comes to adding style to your look, all you need is the perfect pair of socks. These socks, in a variety of timeless shades, are knitted from Swole Panda's unique breathable bamboo blend offering the perfect touch of style you can wear with any outfit.


Featuring a reinforced heel and toe as well as hand linked seams for added comfort, no sock on the market comes close in terms of softness, fit and durability.


UK Shoe Size 4-7:

  • US Shoe Size: 5-7.5
  • EU Shoe Size: 37-40

UK Shoe Size 7-11:

  • US Shoe Size: 8-12
  • EU Shoe Size: 40-47


Machine wash at 30-40°C (80-105°F) with like colours. Machine tumble drying not recommended.

Purchase Impact

State: Land

Most socks are made of cotton or a combination of polyester and cotton. Cotton is grown in monoculture and is a very pesticide-intensive crop. Although it is only grown on 2.5% of the world’s agricultural land, it consumes 16% of all the insecticides and 6.8% of all herbicides used worldwide.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It requires a low amount of water, no fertilisers or insecticides to grow that fast. Thanks to its root system, bamboo is the best helper against soil erosion.

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