Peppermint Foot Soak


A Perfect Wellbeing Gift

Relieve tired, sore feet with this rejuvenating foot soak. Sea salt and Epsom salt help exfoliate to remove dead skin cells leaving skin smoother and softer. Specially blended with peppermint oil for its anti bacterial properties.

Grapeseed oil will provide an invigorating foot soak experience, leaving feet smelling fresh and moisturised. Finally a touch of spirulina, full of antioxidants and minerals, will help retain moisture.

100% Natural, 100% Essential Oils, Vegan, 100% Mica Free, Cruelty Free, Sustainably Sourced, Made by In-House by Kushboo in England. Suitable for all skin types.

(Please note this item is a single Milk Bottle - photo is for illustration purposes of all three Milk Bottle Options)



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