Pebble Table - Beach Clean

£150 £175

Sustainable Cork + Recycled EVA Plastic saved from our oceans = Beach Clean Collection.

No piece of Beach Clean material is the same so each table is completely unique.
Beautiful and practical, the mottled surface is bound to create conversation! Easy to wipe clean.

A rainbow of EVA plastic, sourced from our oceans, is nestled playfully amongst sustainably sourced cork.


Details and Dimensions:

Made from cork and recycled plastic - saved from our oceans.
40 x 38 x 40cm  (L x W x H)
Recycled EVA is water and UV resistant

Although the cork is heat resistant the EVA (food safe) plastics are not so therefor please do not use as a hot plate/trivet, however oven warmed plates and mugs are absolutely fine!

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