For Peat's Sake

Peat-Free Eco Coir Compost - 11.5l


What is eco coir compost?

The 'For Peat's Sake' block is dehydrated coconut coir. Once water is added, the coir will hydrate and grow to approximately 11.5 Litres! This growing medium is 100% peat-free and can be used to support plants in pots, including house plants and vegetables.

The blocks are made from 100% coconut husk and offer the optimum air to water ratio, encouraging healthy root growth.

The coir includes no artificial fertiliser so when planted, should be fed organic proprietary plant food.

What is Peat?

Peat is made of preserved, dead plants in bogs. The bog's wet environment means when plants die, they don't breakdown much due to the lack of oxygen underwater needed by creatures that usually help decomposition. Less decomposition results in less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Instead, the harmful CO2 is buried safely underground.

Why does peat need saving?

Currently, bogs all over the world are being 'harvested' to remove peat, which is then used in many composts. This process involves draining the land, removing the flora and fauna, and digging up the carbon-storing peat underneath. Not only does this destroy a really important habitat, but it exposes the peat to lots of oxygen from the air. This results in increased decomposition of the preserved organic matter which was previously storing the large amounts of CO2. The increase in decomposition releases the carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the cause of global warming, excess greenhouse gases.






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