OrganiWipe Sanitising Wipes

£3.38 £4.50

For cleaning OrganiCup on occasions without access to clean water and for sanitising the cup between periods. Contains 10 wipes.

How To Use:

Simply wipe your OrganiCup clean and make sure to let it dry completely before re-inserting. Remember to also clean your hands.


Certified vegan: No animal testing

Allergy-Certified™: Perfume free. Suited for all skin types from sensitive to dry skin

Made from organic cotton: Biodegradable and compostable

Contains 10 wipes.

Contains alcohol denat

Size of wipe: 15×14 cm

Purchase Impact

State: Water

It's estimated that the average woman could use 10,000 tampons/ pads in a lifetime. If this volume was all tampons, and they were laid end to end, the resulting line would be twice the height of the empire state building! Or, you could purchase one menstrual cup; a great way to save money and look after the environment.

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