Organic Cotton Zip Purse


&Sisters cotton purses are hand-printed with our own bespoke design onto natural organic cotton by women artisan craftsmen in Howrah, East India.

Designed to hold a selection of tampons and pads and for carrying around your lipstick or other make-up essentials, they’re perfect for a #plasticfree life, #LiveLightly

#SISTERSFORSISTERS – They donate 10% of their profits to help tackle period poverty across the globe.

Purchase Impact

State: Water

It's estimated that the average woman could use 10,000 tampons/ pads in a lifetime. If this volume was all tampons, and they were laid end to end, the resulting line would be twice the height of the empire state building! Now add in the fact that most tampons & pads contain plastic that will never biodegrade and the impact becomes very scary.

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