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Natural Rubber Dog Treat Ball


Whether your dog is a fetcher, a grab-and-runner or a stay-by-your-side-staring-blankly-er. A ball is a key addition to any of your dog’s adventures but, sometimes, even the wildest adventurers sometimes need a bit of R&R. Beco's natural rubber ball that bounces and acts as a bowl will keep your dog busy when you’re on, or between, expeditions, giving you the best of both worlds!


  • 100% Natural Rubber

This ball floats and wipes clean easily, reducing the chance of your dog losing it and giving you a chance to include it in the post-adventure hose down.

  • Can be filled with treats, keeping your best friend occupied
  • Floats, reducing the chance of it being lost
  • Wipes clean easily
  • Natural rubber is tough, hardwearing and resistant enough to satisfy the heaviest of chewers. 


  • S - 5cm
  • M - 6.5cm
  • L - 7.5cm

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