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Natural Rubber Dog Hoop on Rope


Whether your dog’s a fetcher, a grab-and-runner or a stay-by-your-side-staring-blankly-er. A hoop on rope is key addition to any of your dog’s adventures.

Games are super fun. They are also a key element of bonding with your dog. The one-on-one time turns you into even more of a superhero in their eyes. This toy is here to help you get the most out of that time, and strengthen your bond everyday.


  • Natural Rubber & Recycled Cotton

The hoop wipes clean and the rope is easy to grip, so if your dog gets tired of carrying, you can step in.

  • Hoop wipes clean easily
  • Easy-grip, strong and durable rope
  • Natural rubber is tough, hardwearing and resistant enough to satisfy the heaviest of chewers


  • S - 34cm
  • L - 37cm

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