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Natural Mediterranean Honeycomb Sea Sponge - Small


INDULGE YOURSELF pampering with this finest quality of natural sponge designed for exfoliating skin and boosting circulation to renew your skin. It will improve the appearance of your skin by brighting and detoxing

SUPER SOFT, HYPOALLERGENIC, EXPANDS 10% . The sponge will not irritate the sensitive skin of babies and children. It will expand by 10% when soaked, retain water without dripping and create a rich lather for a luxurious experience. It's uses include exfoliating, massaging, bathing, shower, artwork and cleaning

LONG LASTING. Unlike a synthetic sponge no chemicals are used which means it will last for many years without disintegrating

These sponges are biodegradable and renewable, making them environmentally friendly and naturally sustainable. Their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties prevent the growth of mould, mildew or bacteria. All sponges feature a soft cord for handing off to dry


Approx 9-10cm - may very as it is a natural material

These sponges are sustainable care products made of natural material that grows back very quickly. They thrive ecologically on underwater field in the Mediterranean and are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner twice a year. A lot of manual work goes into the creation of a product that takes care of the skin with the natural strength of the sea and makes bathing a sensual beauty rituals.

Not suitable for Vegans.

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