Weaver Green

Lichen Juno Rug


This olive green rug features a bold geometric pattern and a tight weave that's perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways. A gorgeous addition to any home, they're soft like wool yet stain resistant, machine washable and made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.


Featuring the olive green tones of Weaver Green Lichen and a fabulous geometric design, these stunning rugs are tightly woven for greater durability making them perfect for heavy traffic zones like hallways, kitchens and communal areas.


110cm x 60cm

150cm x 90cm

180cm x 120cm

Machine washable
Claw friendly
Moth resistant
Can be used outdoors
UV stable
Water and mould resistant


Before washing, hoover loose debris from your rug (we recommend using a low suction setting without the brush function) or give it a good shake outside. Either hand wash with a light detergent or pop smaller rugs (up to the size 180cm x 120cm) into the washing machine on a 30-40 degree cycle using a non-biological washing detergent.

For larger rugs, we recommend using a commercial sized drum at your local launderette under the same temperature and settings.

Alternatively, take larger rugs outside to hand wash and hose down.

These rugs emerge from the washing machine virtually dry, so simply hang on the line to fully air dry. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.


While the majority of Weaver Green’s products are fully machine washable, we urge you to only do so when they really need it. This small step will significantly reduce the impact of microfibre shedding and prolong the life of your products.

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States: Water

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