Weaver Green

Las Salinas Canvas Apron


Part of Weaver Green’s Eivissa collection of cool, timeless monochrome textiles, these beautiful black striped aprons are made from our new canvas-weight fabric. Thicker, sturdier and more hard-wearing than our faux linen aprons, these gorgeous monochrome pinnies also help to recycle even more plastic bottles.


Offering the look and texture of cotton canvas, these beautiful striped aprons are made using 100% recycled plastic bottles. Hardy, stain-resistant and machine washable, they're perfect for those looking for a sturdy, hard-wearing pinny.

Made in the exact same way as traditional canvas, these gorgeous aprons will age brilliantly, emerging from the wash like new and less prone to pilling and bobbles

Featuring two large front pockets, long waist straps and an adjustable neck strap, our canvas aprons are stylish, practical and great for the planet.

Size: 67cm x 85cm


Weaver Green’s Las Salinas Canvas Aprons can be washed either by hand with a light detergent, or pop them in the washing machine on a 30-40 degree cycle using non-biological washing detergent.

Allow to air dry naturally. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.


While the majority of  their products are fully machine washable, we urge you to only do so when they really need it. This small step will significantly reduce the impact of microfibre shedding and prolong the life of your products.

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