Recycled Wine Bottle Hydroponic Herb Kit


This hydroponic growing kit is made as responsibly as possible with recycled wine bottles that are cut and ground by hand and other eco conscious materials.
The kits contain certified organic nutrient solution (kits contain enough for approx. 2 years).
All the internal parts of the kit are either recycled or biodegradable

The kits are best placed on a bright windowsill to get as much clear sunlight as possible. The plants will grow all year round although they do grow more rapidly in summer as there’s more light
Let the plant get established before you harvest and they will recover more quickly, ready for another harvest

In the kit

Every kit contains all you need to grow your chosen herb. A recycled wine bottle is used to construct the body of the system, all edges are ground by hand so there’s no need to worry about sharp corners left over from cutting the bottle. Watering the kits could not be simpler just keep an eye on the water line (clearly visible) and top up when needed, every couple of weeks, great for if you’re going away! Each kit contains enough organic hydroponic fluid for you to be able to grow your herbs for approximately two years. The kits also come with spare parts so that if your horticultural skills require a little honing there’s a second chance waiting.

Happy Growing!

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