Hipster Period Pants - Moderate Flow


FLUX Essentials™ period pants look and feel like regular underwear but have the power to absorb your period and prevent leaks.

The all-new FLUX Essentials™ line of period pants brings you comfortable cotton underwear that is quick-drying and super soft, with our signature built-in tech that absorbs up to 3 tampons' worth.

This new range uses excess left-over fabric which allows a more affordable product whilst using fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste. One Essential Hipster replaces at least 200 single-use disposables, making it a sustainable win-win.

Their mission is to help as many people as possible make the switch to sustainable period care, and this new Essential range makes undies even more accessible to those wanting to make the switch:

  • For Periods, Leaks and Incontinence
  • Holds 3 Tampons' Worth / 15ml
  • Wear For Up To 8 Hours Leak-Free Heavy flow
  • Soft, Stretchy and Comfortable
  • Lightweight and Quick-drying
  • OEKO-Tex Certified Materials
  • Free From Toxins, Chemicals and PFAS/PFOA

For every purchase, Flux give back to a Girl in need to fight back against period poverty.


Body: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane
Gusset: 100% Cotton,
Breathable PUL Packaging: 100% Recycled and Recyclable Cardboard

Purchase Impact

States: Water

With those who menstruate using roughly 11,000-16,000 period products in their lifetime, the majority of which can consist of up to 90% plastic, periods have a serious impact on our planet. Luckily, there are several reusable alternatives to regular single-use sanitary products.

Whilst reusable options, such as menstrual cups, can seem daunting, reusable sanitary pads are a safe and fairly familiar period product. This means, as well as cutting down the cost and waste produced each month, you get a seamless transition to a more sustainable period!

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