It's Cupboard Love

Handmade Dog Treats - Crisps


It's Cupboard Love work from their home kitchen where they bake all the biscuits fresh to order - using the same healthy recipes and high quality ingredients for every batch. As everything is handmade, in the baking process there may be slight variation in colour or shape but never in the quality of the product.

Natural Ingredients
They have carefully selected high quality, human grade, ingredients to make all their treats, which gives them 100% confidence in all their ingredients and products. Making them not only extremely tasty but healthy as well. They do not produce any products to give to our four-legged friends that we could not eat ourselves.

Shelf life
They choose not to use any additives or preservative in their biscuits which have a 12 week best before date, from the date they were baked. Once opened the biscuits should be stored in the sealed bag or airtight container.

Feeding Guide
It's Cupboard Love suggest you wait until your dog is about 6 months old before giving them their treats as part of a balanced diet. Fresh water should always be available for your dog to drink.

Black Pudding:

Black pudding is the new 'super food'. We thinly slice the black pudding, then dry out the slices to make a lip licking tasty treat.

It's Cupboard Love's black pudding is specially made for them so we have had extra pork added in to make it even more delicious. It also contains no additives or preservatives.

High in protein and rich in Zinc and Iron

Protein is essential for muscle repair, hair growth and skin cell renewal this is enhanced by the help of the iron and zinc minerals. Making these a great for dogs with an active life.

50g packet

Composition: Pork, Pork fat, Blood powder, Pea protein, Water

    Sweet Potato:

    Sweet potato crisps make a great healthy and natural treat packed full of vitamins.

    Sweet potatoes are high in dietary fibre, low in fat and rich in vitamin A, C and B6. Helping promote all round health from the skin and coat to the muscles and nerves.

    They contain Beta- carotene which helps in converting vitamin A this is essential for growth, vision and bones.

    50g bag

    Composition: Sweet potato

    Liver Cake:

    Liver Cake Crisps are thin slices of cake dried to perfection, making them a perfect training treat, that will have you dog coming back for more.

    It's Cupboard Love's liver cake is gluten free as they use buckwheat flour to make it.

    They use high-quality human grade liver. Liver is rich in protein and packed full minerals, including iron, copper, zinc, and phosphorus, making it a great treat.

    These crisps are great little mineral boost to help keep your dog in top condition.

    50g bag

    Composition: Liver, Buckwheat flour, Eggs, Parsley, Garlic


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