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Food Bag Set

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The Food Bag is designed with special care for people and the environment. The bag is a reusable alternative to disposable packaging. Use it for shopping and storing bulk goods like fruit, vegetables. String for hanging, carrying and closure.

Did you know that we use around 2 million single use plastic bags every minute, on a global scale? Replace plastic and have your food contained organically with the Organic Company’s food bags.
Made in food-approved organic cotton.

What is your choice?

One set contain 1 S, 1 M and 1 L.

Small: 16 x 22 x 6 cm/ 6.3 x 8.7 x 2.3"
Medium: 24 x 30 x 8 cm/ 9.4 x 11.8 x 3.1"
Large: 30 x 40 x 12 cm/ 11.8 x 15.7 x 4.7"

Quality: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton


Machine wash at 20 to 60℃ (68-140 F) 

✓ Wash at lowest possible temperatures.
✓ Use nature-friendly detergents.
✓ To be washed inside out.
✓ Do not tumble dry.
✓ Hang out to dry naturally.
✓ Avoid using softener as this reduces the absorbency of the product and most softeners are harmful for nature (if not 100% cleansed at the wastewater treatment plant)
Instead of softener you may add a little bit of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle. The vinegar will help strip away some residue from detergent or lime.
✓ Avoid the use of bleach (alone and in detergent) as this affects the colours.
✓ Wash with similar colours.
✓ Stretch lightly into shape after washing.
✓ Smooth the textiles by hand whilst wet and again once dried.

Cotton, both conventional and organic, is a natural fibre and can be treated in a vast number of ways. Cotton can be boiled as well as being tumble-dried until bone-dry.
However, the higher the temperature and when tumble drying, you’ll shorten the product lifespan as well as shrink your cotton product (more than normal), whether it’s a towel or a shirt.

Purchase Impact

This is for your info – just for you to know, if you out of old habit, are about to purchase some degenerate conventional cotton products instead of the much better alternative, products made with GOTS certified organic cotton.
The conventional cotton industry uses enormous amounts of pesticides harmful to people, animals and our ecosystem, which are holding the planet together.
Pesticides are a designation of extremely toxic chemicals used every day and everywhere (the vast majority of agricultural farming is still being conventionally cultivated) and consist of:
• Herbicide - to kill weeds. Weeds are food for insects and most weeds are far more useful for our soil and insects than crops and grass
• Insecticide - to kill bugs eating the crops. But it also kills flying insects and many of them are our very important pollinators.
• Fungicide - to kill parasitic fungi and spores. It kills all fungi, though fungi in the soil is the logistical web for balancing the soil and the plants
Conventional cotton production takes up 2.5% of the world’s agricultural land and consumes 16% of all insecticides and 7% of all herbicides used worldwide - that’s more than any other crop..
The GOTS certification is our alternative and solution to conventional cotton production and is one step in the right direction for a thriving planet in balance.
Have in mind: in GOTS certified productions all pesticides are forbidden.

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