Double-Walled Stainless Steel Bottle 500ml - Sealife


The Sea Life Range
Chilly's celebrated World Oceans Day 2019 with the launch of their Sea Life range of bottles, specially designed by Will the Artist for Chilly’s.

10% of all online sales of this range is being donated to the City to Sea charity to support the amazing work they do to prevent plastics from entering our oceans.

24 Hours Cold
12 hours hot
Leak proof, sweat free


24 Hours Cold
Ice-cold drinks for up to 24 hours, regardless of the outside temperature. Chilly's advanced double-walled vacuum insulation makes warm water a thing of the past.

12 hours hot
Keep your tea or coffee hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect for those winter walks and cold morning commutes. Careful - Chilly's works a little too well!

Leak proof, sweat free
Chilly's airtight screw top lid prevents soaked bags and accidental spills. The vacuum insulation means your Chilly's Bottle will remain condensation free.

Quality materials, BPA free
Chilly’s Bottles are constructed from durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel, for both the inside and outside walls. This preserves the flavour and freshness of your drink, without any tainting.

Powder Coating
In pursuit of Chilly's goal to create the highest quality products possible, all single coloured Chilly's Bottles are now finished using an advanced powder coating process.
This offers a much harder wearing finish, with the same amazing colour you would expect from Chilly's Bottles.

- 500ml
- Stainless steel

Will the Artist
“I grew up in Cornwall by the coast, where I spent a lot of my childhood in the ocean. I remember swimming in St. Ives harbour and being surrounded by plastic! Since then I have been trying my best to live a more plastic-free life.

When I found out that we throw 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean every single year, I was shocked and decided to create a video showing just how important it is to have and use reusable bottles instead of single use plastic ones.”

Behind the Bottles
In 2018, Will uploaded a video of himself customising six Chilly’s Bottles with his own hand-drawn designs.
His intention was to raise awareness for the negative effects that plastic pollution has on our oceans, and to try to encourage people to move away from single use plastics for good.
We invited him to collaborate with us on a range of Chilly’s bottles that incorporated his original designs, which is where the Sea Life edition came from.

Purchase Impact

States: Water

Every minute, a million plastic bottles are bought around the world, each one of them takes approximately 500 hundred years to degrade. Let’s turn around this reality before it takes over our world.

Harmful chemicals in plastic blend with water. Therefore, drinking water should never be in contact with plastic. Even bottled water isn't safe anymore. According the latest research of the World Health Organization, 90% of bottled water contains micro-plastics.

Stop drinking from plastic bottles for your health and the environment.

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