Diatomite Bath Mat


Made From Diatomaceous Earth

From the ground up, the Earthstone Mat is made from Diatomite, a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock. It is super absorbent, so perfect for soaking up water from wet feet.

Amazingly, it goes from wet to dry in around 60 seconds. But that's not the best bit. What you can save makes this the ideal bath mat for you and the planet.

You'll save on electricity, water, and detergent because you don't need to wash or dry it like traditional mats. (see savings below).

It's anti-bacterial and odourless too - say goodbye old mat, hello gorgeous bathroom.


- Made from 100% naturally occurring material - diatomaceous earth.

- Dimensions: 39 x 60cm (16 x 24") approx.

- Non-slip underlay included free of charge.

- Easy care - sandpaper included for effortless maintenance.

- Superior absorbency potential and drying time.

- Anti-bacterial, anti-mould and odour free.

Purchase Impact

States: Water

✓ Eco-friendly credentials. With the Earthstone Bath Mat, there is absolutely no need for machine washing, saving valuable water and energy. There’s also no use for detergents which often contain harmful chemicals, keeping them out of the system and keeping you safe.

✓ Saving you money. Given the Earthstone Bath Mat’s long-lasting performance and the lack of any need for machine washing your mat, we estimate that you will save £44.20 per year in care costs compared with having a more traditional bath mat.

✓ The true beauty lies in its simplicity. With smooth rounded edges and simple designs, the Earthstone Bath Mat is sure to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy, adding texture and depth to any interior.

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