Cork Tea Light - Beach Clean


Beach Clean round tea light holder.

A rainbow of EVA plastic - sourced from our oceans is nestled playfully amongst sustainably sourced cork. Each fob is completely unique, making it the perfect eco-conscious present! 

Please note: Each Beach Clean product is unique and therefore there will be slight variations, also the tea light is not included.


Why Beach Clean?

Liga's new beach clean material is made from hand harvested cork and recycled EVA plastic saved from our oceans. Our cork oak forests are home to many endangered species of animals, birds and plants. We can help them - the more cork we buy, the more trees will be planted. What's more... cork is naturally harvested from the cork oak tree, every nine years, without harm. Combining recycled EVA plastic with sustainably sourced cork, our Beach Clean products are incredibly Eco-conscious.

Details and Dimensions:

Size: 9 x 3

Materials: Cork and recycled EVA plastic - saved from our oceans (water and UV resistant)

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