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Cheese Board, Bowl, Coaster, Cheese Knife Set - Purple


This stunning pairing between a camphor laurel wood chopping board, matching cheese knife, bowl and matching resin art coasters is the perfect combination. The wooden board, crafted by a small team in the Sunshine Coast, Australia offers durability and longevity.

The Fifth Design use an incredibly high-quality, UV-resistant, epoxy resin to ensure the vibrancy and colour in the artwork does not fade or turn yellow over time. Their epoxy resin is incredibly hard, which heavily reduces the risk of the resin breaking due to mishandling.

This gorgeous set is sure to be a centerpiece in your home. The vibrant resin artwork is sure to impress, while the durability of the epoxy resin will ensure it lasts a lifetime. The Fifth Design take great pride in their production process and are committed to mindful and eco-conscious practices.

Why you’ll love it:

Unique - The Fifth Design prides themselves on making each piece as beautifully unique as the next. The soul of their pieces lie with it's artistic composition

Handmade - They have crafted all these pieces by hand, in Australia. They have been perfecting their practise for the past 6 years to bring you truly artisanal pieces.

Practical - They have sourced the finest and highest quality materials to create their pieces. They want the cheese boards to become a part of your everyday life and they have developed the designs to ensure they stand the test of time

Sustainable - Sustainability is at the centre of everything they do. From the wood they source to the office supplies they buy, they ensure that everything is as eco-friendly as it can be.


What is Included:
1 x 400x210x20mm Chopping Board
1 x 170x18mm Cheese Knife
1 x 100x40mm Bowl
2 x 100x100mm Coasters

What it’s made of:

Hand painted camphor laurel chopping board. Coasters, cheese knife, and bowl made from mango wood and epoxy resin.


The boards can be used for both preparing and serving. We use heat resistant epoxy resin to ensure that they can come in contact with any environment and not lose their quality finish.

All of their wood products need to be hand washed, and treated with edible oil when the wood begins to look dry.

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