Blue Nyangumi Bracelet


Nyangumi is the Swahili translation for a whale. These bracelets are handmade in Nairobi using fishing line. For this reason, Rhimani designed them as 'One Size Fits All' because, similar to a whale, they are built beautifully and incredibly strong.

The Nyangumi bracelet is delicately beaded in Nairobi by Rhimani's lovely Anne and her skilled Kenyan team. Each bracelet is authentic and unique.

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One size

Handmade in Nairobi

Glass Seed Beads. The beads are all made out of glass then covered in a metallic outer layer.

Rhimani's Nyangumi bracelets are made out of Kenyan fishing line. This means they are incredibly strong and hold really well! Don't worry about getting them on, they won't break.

Purchase Impact

State: Humanity

Rhimani support conservation in Africa, and donate at least 10% of profits every month to their chosen charity. In addition to this, their products are hand crafted in Nairobi by a team that work closely with the company and are paid a great price for their invaluable input.

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