Beevive Bee Reviver


Keep it sleek and subtle with the black edition of the BEEVIVE keyring, containing an ambrosia® bee food syrup to feed a bee in need.

Inside the strong aluminium shell sits a refillable bottle made from shock resistant borosilicate glass, sealed with a natural cork top. All hanging from our custom stamped key chain, this kit is ready to be attached to your keys or backpack! We BEE-lieve this keyring would make a thoughtful bee gift. Equip a bee lover, a friend or simply treat yourself to prepare for your spontaneous encounter.

Designed and assembled in Exeter, UK.


The purpose of Beevive's keyrings is for emergency use only. If you have the time, the first port-of-call is to carefully place the bee onto a nearby flower. Should there be no flowers nearby, make sure the little fuzz ball is out of harm’s way and feed it a couple of drops of the sugar water solution from your keyring!

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