Beach Clean Cork Notebook & Cover - A5


Sustainable Cork + Recycled EVA Plastic saved from Liga's oceans = Beach Clean Collection.

A5 Beach Clean Cork Notebook - For list lovers and note takers! This notebook has a hard cover and is bound for practicality.

A rainbow of EVA plastic, sourced from our oceans, is nestled playfully amongst sustainably sourced cork.

Please note: Each notebook is unique and therefore there will be slight variations to the notebook photographed.

Why Cork?

Cork is sustainable. A natural product that's harvested from tree bark every seven years, without harming the cork tree. It's renewable and recyclable! It's also extremely practical - being naturally impermeable to water, its easy to wipe clean and can also act as a great insulator.


Size: A5

Material: Beach Clean Cork (Sustainable cork and recycled plastic - saved from our oceans) and Recycled Paper.

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