Save the BeesSave the Bees

The humble Bee is a truly special animal. It is often said that the human race would go extinct without bees within four years. Whilst this may not be entirely true, its certainly true that without the bee, the earth would struggle to support the 7.7 billion humans on earth. But why?

When bees harvest pollen, they cross-pollinate plants. This cross-pollination is responsible for the successful growth of roughly 30% of the world crops and 90% of the worlds wild plants. In financial terms, through cross-pollination bees contribute roughly £500 million to the UK economy, every year!

Sadly, bee populations are dwindling worldwide due to a number of causes including pesticides and invasive species. 30% of the UK honey bee population disappeared in the last decade.

This Cause has now hit its quota, and using the money put aside from the FourState points you donated we will be building our very own beehive out of reclaimed wood. The plans have been drawn up so keep checking back for more updates!




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