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Cellulose Facial Cosmetic Sponges - Pack of 3


This Cellulose Sponge is the ideal aid when you require deep down cleansing of facial pores. It can also be used to apply your Make Up. They are completely biodegradable and will decompose without causing any damage to the environment

How To Use

- Dampen the sponge
- Apply cleanser or scrub
- Gently glide over face in a circular motion for best results.


They are 3x Cellulose Sponges at 8cm each.

Cellulose makes up most of a plant's cell walls. Since this organic compound is created by all plants, it is probably the most abundant one on the planet. While cellulose is the main building material for plants, it has many other uses, including also sponges. Cellulose sponges are made from wood fibres, and although human-made, they're eco-friendly since they are 100% biodegrade in landfills.

All products are 100% natural and handmade in small batches. Shape, colour, scent, size and appearance can vary slightly between batches and it is in the nature of this product.

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