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Our air and atmosphere are so, incredibly important to the continuation and health of our planet. For some reason, however, the task of cleaning up the air has been grossly neglected by those responsible for its deterioration. 

In the UK, 75% of regions have illegally high levels of air pollution, with London alone 1.9 times the legal limit. It is estimated that these levels contribute to almost 40,000 human deaths a year. This is already a staggering figure, but becomes all the more terrifying when we consider that it does not take into account the impact on our wildlife. 

Since humans started cutting down trees, we have felled 46% of trees and, over the past 50 years, about 17% of the Amazon has been cut down. With trees acting as the earth’s lungs, they are crucial in aiding in cleaning up the air and counteracting pollution.

There are lots of things we can do within our everyday lives to help combat and resolve air pollution but, unfortunately, it is somewhat out of our hands. This became the driving force behind our Air Cause, explained fully below. 

2,063 Trees 

Have been planted so far

We want your FourState Points to be used for good, to continue your positive impact on the planet and the people living on it. Replacing the trees cut down through deforestation is an excellent place to start, so, for every 20 points donated, we will plant a tree on your behalf!

Tree planting is great for the planet. It helps to clean up our atmosphere and provides habitats for many of the 6.5 million species of land creatures.

Rural communities in Africa benefit markedly from tree-planting initiatives through increased income, better nutrition and feed for livestock, among others. This is in addition to the positive impact of tree-planting on pollution, so we have chosen to plant your trees in the African continent. 

Our partner works with over 3000 farming families across Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, their work spans Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on their programme and other cause-related news!