Little Amelie Art

Recycled Paper Charity Greeting Cards


Amelie Turnbull is a seven-year-old artist from Reading who has launched her own business by designing her own watercolour recycled paper greetings cards. She is then donating half of the profits to charities which support her brother, George, 14, who was born with a rare brain abnormality.

Half the profits from Amelie’s eco-friendly art will go to Camp Mohawk, a day centre for children with special needs and their families, and the Music Club which offers music-making to children and young people with disabilities.


- 100% Recycled Card

- Plastic free

- Blank inside 

Purchase Impact

Plastic cellophane is very hard to recycle, meaning that many UK councils don't except it. These bags often then end up in landfill where they take centuries to fully biodegrade or even worse, end up in our oceans.

By purchasing gift cards without the plastic wrapping you are helping to prevent this from happening

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