Artizan International

Banana Leaf Ethical Greeting Cards


These incredible cards are made using banana leaves and recycled paper. Each card is handmade in Ecuador by someone with a disability that might make it harder for them to find employment.


In Ecuador Artisan International is working in Santo Domingo province, where they've established a training & social enterprise centre for people with a wide range of disabilities.

As in other parts of Latin America, differently-able people are often to be found on the margins of their society, excluded from employment and therefore consigned to a life of poverty. These are bright, capable people who long for the same chances as everyone else.

They trained and sent out Mark and Lydia Trezise in 2017, to start laying the groundwork for this project, and welcomed their first trainees in January 2018

The participants join them for 6 months training in paper-making and print-making. They then equip them with everything they need to have their own paper-making workshops at home, where they make beautiful paper from banana leaves and recycled paper. They're free to run their own businesses and we also commit to buying a large quantity of their work every fortnight, if they would like to sell through us. This model is extremely emancipating, but also provides a vital safety-net of a regular income, allowing them to support themselves and their families with dignity and pride.

Purchase Impact

Plastic cellophane is very hard to recycle, meaning that many UK councils don't except it. These bags often then end up in landfill where they take centuries to fully biodegrade or even worse, end up in our oceans.

By purchasing gift cards without the plastic wrapping you are helping to prevent this from happening

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