Zero To Landfill Sonic Toothbrush


This advanced high-quality toothbrush uses sonic technology and high frequency vibrations to remove plaque and prevent tartar build up. The superior clean this provides will improve overall oral health, preventing gingivitis, bleeding and swollen gums. Its unique 3 stroke speed adjustments also makes it ideal for those who are going through orthodontics treatments i.e. fixed braces. It comes with a 2 pin charger plug for EU & UK bathroom socket.


Stroke speed 35000/minute with Dupont 610 bristles

White & Clean modes, each with 3 stroke speed adjustments

2 minutes auto-timer, with 30 seconds pause alerts

Full charge lasts up to 5 weeks with 14500 Lithium-ion battery

2 pin charger plug for EU & UK bathroom socket

Certified Waterproof IPX7 and FDA, CE approved

Packaged in plastic-free, cardboard box

Recycle your used heads with Georganics Zero To Landfill scheme


Brush for at least 2 minutes, spending 30 seconds on each right and left half of the lower and upper arch. The auto-stop timer setting will assist you in this by pausing at 30 second intervals, indicating when to change section. Your last selected setting will be automatically saved and set by the toothbrush for you next use.


Plastic Handle*, DuPont 610 Nylon Bristles*, Lithium Battery*.

*Z.T.L. Recyclable.

Purchase Impact

Zero To Landfill - Georganics scheme allows you to send back any Georganics products and components that cannot be composted or recycled at home, like used sonic and wooden toothbrush heads as well as sonic toothbrush handles. Their Zero To Landfill scheme is completely free of charge.


- Sonic Toothbrush Heads
- Sonic Toothbrush Handle
- Beechwood Toothbrush Heads

- Collect a minimum of 10 Beechwood/Sonic Heads
- Place them in large letter and on the front write FREE-POST GEORGANICS
- Drop it off at your nearest Royal Mail Post Office

State: Water

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