The Little Botanical

Mango Wood Board


A sustainable mango wood board, which is the perfect accessory to your kitchen, adding a rustic feel to your home. This natural board is hard-wearing, water-resistant and it looks fab too.

The Little Botanical's gorgeous sustainable boards are made from natural mango wood. They are the perfect botanical accessory to sit under their green houseplants, or perfect as a chopping board or serving platter.

These stunning coasters will add some serious style to your home. They can be used to add height to your plant, protect surfaces or simply bring some wooden texture to your interior design.

Each mango board is branded with the stylish TLB logo and comes wrapped with natural twine and a copper Little Botanical tag.

Mango wood is sourced from mango trees: fruit-bearing trees largely cultivated for their fruit. They are native to South and South-East Asia, with the highest concentration in India.

Using mango wood to make homewares means the wood can continue to be useful after it has become too tall to harvest. The mango farmer is able to plant new trees in place of the old ones, and receives additional income from the wood that he sells on – win, win!

Mango wood is incredibly hard-wearing and water-resistant, so you can rest assured it will continue to protect and last for years to come.

Like other wood, your mango wood coasters will mature and change colour with age.

Please note: Mango wood is most commonly golden brown but can feature shades of yellow or contain black or pink streaks. The pattern, colour and veining of the coasters will vary, as they all have a natural grain and different patterns making each one unique. Don’t think of these as flaws, we think they are just as lovely as each other.


Size: 35cm diameter x 1.5cm width

Weight: Approx 300g

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