Rebecca Tracey

Lemon, Patchouli & Lemongrass - Essential Oil Blend


Rebecca Tracey's no. 1 best selling candle fragrance – uplifting, zesty, invigorating and cleansing! This beautiful scent lifts the spirits and fills the room with sunshine and positivity.

100% pure Single Note Oils and Blends

Each and every one of Rebecca Tracey's products are fragranced using only 100% pure essential oils. Now you can purchase these pure oils to enjoy in your essential oil burners, aroma diffusers or place a few drops in your bath to help unwind after a long day. Inhale and relax!


Dilute to use: 2-5 drops per 10ml carrier oil/product
Vaporise 6-10 drops
10ml amber dropper top bottles

External use only

Keep away from eyes and children. Store away from heat/sun. Seek advice if pregnant or with medical conditions.

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