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Earn points on purchases to support causes of your choice

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We started with three principles - they guide everything we do


Always acting in a fair and transparent way with suppliers, producers & charities.


Ensuring that the environment is the top priority, from products to our business operations. We are proud to be carbon neutral and powered by 100% renewable energy. 


Keeping the future front of mind and making sure our long term impact is positive.

Staying true to our principles, we find the best products and allocate them into our Four States based on the biggest issues each state faces

FourState points

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You earn 4 FourState Points for every £1 spent

Donate your points to support a range of carefully selected high impact Causes 

Every purchase is good for you, good for the planet and gives something back

Plant a Tree

We will plant a tree in Africa for every 20 FourState Points donated.

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Donate a meal

We'll provide a meal to someone in crisis for every 20 FourState points donated

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Reclaim a metre²

We will reclaim a metre squared in the Amazon Rainforest for every 20 FourState Points donated.

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Collect a kilo

We will donate a meal to someone in crisis in the UK for every 20 FourState Points donated.

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Coral reef research

When funded, we'll sponsor a coral reef research expedition on the Great Barrier Reef

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